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|| Sree Gurave Namaha ||
23 October 2008 @ 01:12 pm
Spent yesterday's gorgeous day inside working from 9:00-5:30 and then went straight to North Vancouver for the Climate Change Cafe event hosted at a little place called Bella Candela.

So the event was outreached to the people of North Vancouver who wanted to take part with a team and collectively take part in discussions and action plans among like minded people. My geography prof put the invite out there for some of her students to take part in this on behalf of Capilano U, so there was the three of us as well as her that went last night.

The event was really well run. It was great in the fact that those who were organizing the night were truly facilitators and made sure we felt that this was our opportunity to discuss and share ideas, insights, and personal influences surrounding climate change. We moved around a couple times, always sitting with a new group of people, and we'd be given a different question to address and discuss for 10 minutes at a time. In between each session, we'd debrief as a whole group, which was really good. By the end of it we'd regroup with our original team and share everything that each person took in and begin discussion our action plan over the course of the next few months. We also received the tools to enable us to implement change within our own lives, which are really helpful.

We ended up being the last ones in the restaurant, as we were still excitedly talking about the whole thing and what we could try to do at our school. The organizers of the event came over and we talked with them for a while and they let us know that we'd have their full support no matter what we decide to do.

The strategy with the teams of people within the large group is sort of like a support system. You'd meet with your team more regularly, being sure that each person feels supported in their decisions and are able to implement the changes they want to make, and we're meeting as a big collective group in November and December.

Overall, it's a really cool idea and I've been to a few climate change discussion events while in high school, but this one was different in that the ages of people definitely varied. So it was interesting hearing the different views that people had depending on where they are in their life right now. Obviously adults who have children and a family have different obstacles and priorities compared to say...us who are young students not "set in our ways" just yet.

So anyways, was really great and glad I was able to go because you just get re-energized when you're with like minded people who feel all the same pressures and barriers that you do.

And so today I had my final mid term (phew) and it wasn't too bad, I'm sure I did decently and again, feel like my studying covered a whole lot of information, but the test itself wasn't that extensive. It's over and done with and now I just have to hack out an essay for English to hand in tomorrow morning...
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|| Sree Gurave Namaha ||
17 October 2008 @ 09:16 pm
Been studying, studying, studying...but my household is always chaotic so I don't feel like I'm in isolation or anything. It's nicest when I come home right after school and no one is home so I have peace and quiet in the room...and this has been pretty much my world.

Nonetheless, Anthropology mid term went really well and I actually had fun writing the exam and being all happy that it all makes sense to me and I've absorbed all that information. Am studying Psychology right now and am taking a quick break. Psychology mid term is on Monday and on Tuesday we are given our essay mid term for English due on Friday, then Thursday is Geography...would be okay if Wednesday wasn't a write off :( I am working 9:00am-5:30pm and am taking part in that climate change cafe meeting from 5:30pm (yes I will be late) to 9:00pm, and it's in North Vancouver. Am also working both Saturday AND Sunday, which also isn't that great, but what the hey, I'll get through and will have the hours reflected in my paycheck next week...

Have finally seen Iron Man and love love love Robert Downey Jr. as an actor. Love his performance in everything I've seen him in so far. Am now inclined to dive into the Marvel Universe for Iron Man and The Avengers. Was looking at my graphic novel collection thus far and they're ALL Vertigo...Have all the Fables, V For Vendetta, Y: The Last Man, and started Lucifer...

Anyways, break time is now up and I must resort back to studying...I'm glad I didn't pick such dry subjects as it is actually interesting to be studying these subjects. I'm actually looking forward to the English essay because we're going to be picking three essays we've discussed in class according to a theme that our prof will present to us on Tuesday. I'm just not looking forward to Geography so much because that's the class I've not been keeping up with and it takes a LONG time to get through the chapters in that textbook...
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|| Sree Gurave Namaha ||
09 October 2008 @ 05:44 pm
So on the bus ride to school today I finished Runaways (like right when we pulled up to Cap) gosh, it's a really good one, for sure. I'm looking forward to finding out how the rest of it goes.

Psychology was fun, we had a different prof come in to instruct the class and we learnt about intelligence and about the different aspects and types of intelligence. Which meant we got to do a lot of quizzes and tests to see how we score on the scales.

Geography was awesome. The class was devoted to Rachel Carson, and my prof introduced her as "her hero" which was even awesomer. At the end of the class she also put out there that she's trying to get a group of 8-11 students for this global sustainability cafe thing coming up at the end of this month and at this meeting we're supposed to bring forth our ideas and whatnot about our perspective on what needs to be done and so forth. So at the end of class I go up to her and first thank her for incorporating Rachel Carson into the class, and explained how we read it in Gr. 10 and were encouraged to investigate different issues it raised on our own and bring it back to class, etc. and said that I was interested in that global cafe event she was talking about...so I'm a part of that now, which is very cool. Sounds like this group that she puts together, we're going to meet regularly not just for this event but to be catalysts or be the innovative people to come up with stuff at Capilano.

Came home and had lunch, then made my way to Windermere (my high school) where I caught up with my Leadership teachers, which was really nice. Got to see a lot of smiling familiar faces that I've missed, for sure. Henry (in grade 9 now) gave me a tour of the garden and filled me in on what was going on. It was so great seeing the younger grades again cause they inspire me so much. I caught up with the now Grade 12s and hung out with them for a while in Mr. C's office. Again, very cool, cause they've got so much energy and are so bright eyed about all the possibilities and stuff that they are empowered to do. It was a little weird coming back cause it feels like I should be in school there but I'm like, "Noo... I AM in school already..." haha but it was just great to feel that sense of community again and to see all those guys cause we've done so much together and again, they inspire me to no ends.

Alright I gotsa get going now to eat dinner but plan to turn this computer off now so that I can actually get studying/work done because this computer is such a huge distraction, its not even funny.
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|| Sree Gurave Namaha ||
08 October 2008 @ 02:42 pm
But living at MEC is not a bad thing. Had a PK (product knowledge) meeting this morning at 8ish where someone from Cloudveil (outdor clothing company) came to talk about their fall/winter stuff and just over different types of fabrics and such. It's kind of funny cause I never thought of how they measure water proofability...they measure it in PSIs which I find kind of hilarious because I use that term for the air pressure for my bike tires.

Picked up cycling shoes for my old Leadership teacher and a stainless steel waterbottle that I quite like (wide mouth) and chatted with one of my coworkers who actually isn't anymore because she was filling out paperwork cause she's leaving due to school being really hectic. She's really cool and fun for sure, and I'll miss having shifts with her but whatever is best for her definately makes sense.

From 11am-2pm I had a survey shift that wasn't that bad but it's always somewhat painful to me because I usually would rather be introverted than extroverted most of the time. So basically I'd have to be up at the cash area and ask people if they had a few moments to go through a survey with me about their experience at MEC.

At 2ish I went to the back to put the clipboard and papers away and talked with Kristen for a bit since she was back there working on a project for my team leader. Her and Rain get to leave for Toronto on Friday for about a week, so that's exciting for them since their friends and families are back there.

So technically its a split shift cause I'm back on from 3:00pm-7:45pm and so I'm just finishing up that between hour right now. I brought my Psychology text with me but its no use bringing in study material because for the hour that I have, the last thing my brain wants to do is study and retain information.

Ummm as for other updates...I joined the Anthropology club at Capilano, I'm officially registered to vote...uhm...I am looking forward to the weekend to hang out with Stacey & Rachel...hopefully will see Sarah perform at the Metro Theatre over the weekend as well...yeah...and other than that I should be studying for the mid terms that are coming up as well...figured I'd start with Psychology but I think I'll be fine.

My aries horoscope for October is nice. But only nice from like mid October onwards. For the first bit, it says I'm going to feel over exhausted and such and rushing to get things done but that I shouldn't worry cause it'll all work out in the end. Also says that I should expect to meet someone super cool and exciting on the 14th (ie. potential love interest) haha we'll see.

Oh and also found out that for ALL of November, I get 35% everything at MEC!!! Jeebus. The only other big purchase(s) that I'm thinking of probably getting around to getting are probably some really good hiking shoes, a good rain jacket, and possibly a tent...
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|| Sree Gurave Namaha ||
05 October 2008 @ 11:13 pm
That paper was so boring to do, seriously. My prof picked out three articles we could choose from to do a report on and so I read it, took notes, then was instructed to regurgitate it, using only the journal article as a resource as well as our textbook (optional).

Anyways, had a sudden urge to dig up Gwen Stefani's Love Angel Music Baby album haha my aunt had brought me back a wallet from her trip that's from Gwen Stefani's Harajuki Lovers line. Jeebus, she makes such catchy songs, and they make me feel happy reminiscing of good times with these tracks.

Also, yesterday I saw a card in that crazy dragon wiccan store that's at Granville Island and I really like the ideas incorporated in it. I like the idea of having a person with the tree and the circles, branches, and flow of the design I also like a lot. I don't, however, like the bluntness of the branches and would want my tattoo to continue outwards, and not to have the blunt abruptness that this image has.

So yeah, ups and downs this weekend, but can't complain about life in general. Next things coming up, need to seriously study for my Mid Terms. I'm working all of next weekend (18th/19th) so that weekend is wasted for studying, pretty much. Haven't totally decided what I want to be for halloween yet. I was thinking a mummy, but am lazy to go out and find fabric and get help from someone who knows how to use a sewing machine...sigh...if anyone wanted to theme up, that'd be cool and I'd be more motivated.

Now I am going to wash up and then read Runaways :)
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|| Sree Gurave Namaha ||
...I DID!

Haha it was awesome. So our team started our day down at head office and in the morning we went over the procedure dos/don'ts in the event of a robbery, while being fed bagels, tea, and coffee. Some people from auditing came in to introduce themselves and they were actually really entertaining (ironically enough!) and cleared up any misconceptions we had and answered all our questions so that was really good.

We were out the door by noon to head down to an Indian restaurant called Maurya that was super nice inside, great food (not too spicy!) AND it was a buffet so we definitely took advantage of that. Was sitting on the end of the table with Stephanie and Sarah J so that was cool. We were sooo full by the end of it though...and it was hilarious reminding ourselves that we are actually getting paid to eat a free meal.

When we were all good and ready, we met back up outside and Jen/Paul got us separated into our groups for the scavenger hunt and gave us our instructions. I was in a group with Sam and Eva.

Holy crap, it was so great to just ride around Stanley Park around the sea wall today...absolutely gorgeous. It was really great...it's times like today when I'm actually really thankful to have grown up in Vancouver. It was also really nice to just talk and ride and get to know both of them better, for sure.

When we were all good and ready to go, we headed over to my Team Leader's house, which is in Kits around 6th Ave and Alma. Lovely, lovely, lovely neighbourhood and area. Kits has bumped its way up my list of where I want to find a place to live in the new year. Guess my top three now include (in no particular order) A) Trout Lake Area B) Between Main and Commercial area C) KITS! (preferably near 7th or 10th Ave)

My team leader is the best. Such a great human being...very empathetic, enthusiastic, just awesome. So we all just hung out at his place, eating more food and talking it up. Then we cracked out the cards and Paul had exchanged twenty bucks for rolls of nickels (haha) so we could play Ramoli (spelling?) which was pretty funny to play. We hashed it out for probably about an hour or so...people slowly trickling out the door.

Stayed until there were only 4 of us left just sitting and talking with Paul and his wife Angel(a). Then there were only 3 of us chatting it up some more. Finally, we gathered our stuff and headed out the door around 9pm ish.

Rode a bit of the way back in the beginning with Sarah J before and parted ways as she was on her way to her gf's place to eat even more food (haha) then continued to 10th ave and went straight across and found my way back home.

Gorgeous night, yet again. Seriously, nothing beats riding your bike at night. Everything is just so much more beautiful and illuminated at night. It was riding through Kits tonight that definitely made me want to live there because its so gorgeous and a lovely area.

Alright, I need to get ready for bed tomorrow. Two days of schoolios lined up for me and must complete my English paper tomorrow night.

My aunt, uncle, and cousins (Matty!) are coming back tomorrow night from their trip, so that'll be exciting :)
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|| Sree Gurave Namaha ||
26 September 2008 @ 04:00 pm
so stoked :) it'll be my Surly's very first CM! And it isn't supposed to rain, either!

I also decided to do my Fieldwork Paper on Critical Mass :D haha I literally just had that epiphany today going up the stairs to my Anthropology class...

So I do have two papers due this coming Friday, English and Anthropology, then the Monday after the weekend I have my Psychology paper due...then hurrah for Mid Terms in the month of October. Just have to plan my time wisely...

I'm trying to study but I've been bored and have been doing a little bit of every subject to keep myself interested...
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|| Sree Gurave Namaha ||
22 September 2008 @ 10:53 pm
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|| Sree Gurave Namaha ||
21 September 2008 @ 01:44 am
Velomutations was pretty awesome tonight. I FINALLY got to see the B:C:Clettes live! They're a super awesome Vancouver based all girl street performance group inspired by...bikes of course. They were a lot of fun and kicked it off at that performancey area near Science World.

Then we all hopped on our bikes and cycled down past the Pan Pacific to this empty lot down a ways behind near the water and a group of guys called The Brakes performed. Their performance included all three guys stripping down to their briefs and doing jumps with ramps that were lit on fire. Also very amusing haha

The last destination was a warehouse by Commercial and Hastings called The Sweatshop where there were to be a few more performances by a group from Victoria and another from Portland. Mostly everyone who was on the ride with us seemed to make a detour to go eat dinner or have drinks so we were just hanging out in there for a while and I recognized some people from MEC and introduced Andrew to Kev and Ann and talked for a bit. I also did Reiki on Ann's hand and she could feel it so that was cool and she's very eager to have a treatment haha

At one point I turn to my left and the guy sitting beside me looks my way and I politely smile back and he introduces himself. I thought his name was Ryan at first, but it's actually Bryen (spelt with an E). Despite having to have a shouting conversation over the music, we totally hit it off and he's super cool. I learn that he's in an interpretor program at Douglas College right now and did his first year of studies at VCC for a full time courses of sign language...aaannnndddd he's a unicyclist! He just recently got a roadbike (that's very gorgeous with polka dot grip tape and a rainbow sticker from Pride) but prefers his unicycle. We talk about school and MEC and he tells me about how amazing sign language is and the whole community that goes along with it. Very cool. I've always wanted to learn sign language and am very much considering looking into those courses at VCC...

Then the first performers are up, The Velo Vixens from Victoria, and they do a crazzzzzyy awesome and twisted performance of Alice in Wonderland, with bikes and such, and it's really fun and very cool.

Afterwards the music plays again and Kev leaves since he has a longer ride to UBC and so Ann, Bryen and I keep chatting and eventually move outside where we don't have to shout so much. We find out that he lives super close to Joyce as well (like a street and a bit over, literally) and he offered to give us unicycling lessons (saweeeet). I check the time and its past midnight and so we decide to head on out and miss the last performance because we were pretty tired and I have work tomorrow morning.

It's a great ride back and again, we talk some more about school, anthropology, psychology and he tells me more about his interpretor program at Douglas. He's from Victoria and just moved to Vancouver about a year ago so we were talking about the differences and so forth.

But I found we have a lot in common and a lot of the same views. He loves sign language and being involved with the deaf community because it gives him a totally different view on life and interacting with people and I love anthropology because of how great I think it is to immerse yourself into different cultures and learning about the way people live. The topic of sunsets was brought up and he finished my sentence for me saying that in that moment you just feel like everything is right in the world.

Anyways, so we all exchanged contact info and we'll be meeting up with him again next Friday for Critical Mass. Again, it's so crazy how close he lives to me. We're both amazed how even though we live so close to one another that I've never seen him riding by on his unicycle...haha

I like making new friends.
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20 September 2008 @ 12:30 am
as I'm sure it was for many of us.

Had school this morning, which was good. I read the article we were supposed to discuss in English today on the bus and got the countries in South America memorized. So far I have North America (obviously), South America, Africa, as well as specific lakes and bays and gulfs and straits memorized. I am going to work on Europe tonight and review everything else that I've memorized so that tomorrow I can work on Asia and whatever else I haven't covered so Sunday is left for me to just review it all for Monday. It's actually not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I'm like 90% sure I'm a visual learner so my method of memorizing it is pretty good and I associate the shapes of the countries with the names and it comes pretty naturally.

The other thing though that I've noticed about my memory...it's been really off this week when I've tried to recall things that I've known for a long time or should know cause I've looked into it a lot. I ran into someone I went to highschool with on the bus back from Cap and was trying to remember a Gr. 12 teacher's name and I couldn't recall it for the life of me. I could only dig up the letter her name started with. Then I was bringing up the topic of genetically modified food, and for whatever reason the term 'genetically modified' wouldn't pop up in my mind when I was trying to search for it (and I've read articles and seen some video about it enough last year that I shouldn't just forget the term like that). Those are just random examples, but it's been concerning me a little bit.

Also my chest has been feeling tight/constricted, especially on the left side. I'm hoping that it is nothing and just what Kristen was warning us about. She explained to us some of the things people have experienced after an attunement, and she said that because we are letting so much light and energy in, our heart chakra is opening up, which would explain the uncomfortable feeling I've been getting all this week. I've also noticed something happening with my throat as well (there's another chakra there as well). But that one is not an uncomfortable pain or anything, I occasionally feel a kind of numbing dull feeling surround the front of my throat whenever I'm doing work on myself or exercises where I'm doing meditative stuff. But it's good (ie. being more inclined to talk more in my classes). Each chakra represents and is connected to different things, we all have eight different chakras.

Okay so enough about me complaining...I'll get on with my day.

English was good. We had a grammar quiz which I think I did alright on since I spent a great deal of time doing exercises last night for various grammatical rules. Then we discussed the article and we talked about our next essay assignment.

Anthropology was awesome. The first part of it our professor was talking about how field working works and I was asking her questions about how she would prep for it and other people were firing questions as well...she shared stories about her experiences and told us some crazy stories that her friends who are anthropologists have gone through as well. We also watched some video on an anthropologist named Chagnon who did field work with the Ya̧nomamö. Pretty interesting, for sure. The class ended so fast, as it usually does, and then I was off to catch my bus.

I always end up meeting Holly on the bus going back. Seems like our classes generally end around the same time, only thing is she usually has to go straight to work. We were both in Leadership together and she's a really nice person, it's just when we see each other on the bus 3 times a week for 20 or so minutes at a time, there's only so much you can talk about, but we manage to talk about Gr. 12 stuff and people that we know and updating each other on how other people are doing, etc.

Got back home to drop myself off and checked messages and so forth before heading out for my appointment with Tara at Evergreen. So I was supposed to call to set something up in August to see her cause in July I was really scatterbrained about everything and was really troubled about...everything, but time flew by and the Mexico trip came up so she actually ended up calling me near the beginning of September and we set up to meet today.

It was a shorter session, but it was really good to just compare where I'm at right now than two months ago and gosh...I truly am in such a better place and mindset than I was before. We talked about the change in my mom and I really realize now that she has definitely turned a corner and we're much better. It's good that I am able to just say everything and lay it out on the table, letting her know I don't want to hide anything from her but at the same time being sure to reassure her about a lot of things. Tara pointed out to me that I put in a lot of work with my mom and that I should be sure that I know that I could have easily stormed off and not have been willing to work things out, but because I did, to see that it got us in a better place. It's funny cause I never would have thought things could have worked out like this back when Gr. 12 was ending...it's only been like 4 months or so and it's been a slow process, but things looked up. My only hope is that things won't spiral out of control because I really like it here right now...

Afterwards I came back home and procrastinated for two hours or so, gtalking a bit with Ann and Kev, chopping up veggies, making tea, trying out some new incense, playing with my dog...then looked at the time and knew I had to get down to business and finish Chapter 2 in Human Geography AND take the online quiz before I could leave for Cam's dinner.

So I pretty much spent 4-5 hours reading the text and taking notes, eating, and being easily distracted. Finally when I was done, I took the online quiz and got 9/10 (yay!) but am disputing the question I got wrong because I think it's right. It asked if Brazil was a peripheral state or not and to my belief (and after checking the text) it is actually semi-peripheral...so I messaged the prof and we'll see...cause one mark is a lot - it's like 10% of the whole quiz!

Then headed out to Cam's dinner. Mostly everyone was already there when I got there and I caught Stacey before Cale came to pick her up. It was great to see a lot of people that I haven't seen in a long while and to catch up. It's so good when the core group of us (ie. The PPPP) that get along really well are all together, cause I love all of'em and if there was only one thing I could take from my time at Chapters, it'd be all the friendships I've made with these great people (I wouldn't even think twice about taking a permanent 30% book discount over that). I also love Cam's quick wit, he's just too awesome and he never fails to make me laugh any time I spend time with him. I really want to play that board game that he got today...and to get hooked up with all his crazy ass comics...anyways, all in all, I was glad to be there to celebrate his courageous step into the world of Nintendo. You're awesome CaM!
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